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  • Peter Nikolow

    Peter Nikolow

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NetworkInformationAPI

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  • Peter Nikolow

    Peter Nikolow

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NetworkInformationAPI
  • Paul Lovell

    Paul Lovell

    GTM and Schema A match made in Heaven
  • Marion Schleifer

    Marion Schleifer

    How to manage an open source project
  • Dido Grigorov

    Dido Grigorov

    SEO & Website Quality in 2020
  • Doug Sillars

    Doug Sillars

    Fast and Beautiful: Modern Image Delivery Techniques
  • Maxim Salnikov

    Maxim Salnikov

    Taking your web app offline (in a good sense)
  • Stefan Bruggmann

    Stefan Bruggmann

    Neos Headless CMS with Nuxt.js
  • Gianluca Guarini

    Gianluca Guarini

    Meaningful HTML5 Designs
  • Christian "Schepp" Schaefer

    Christian "Schepp" Schaefer

    Things you didn't know about images on the web
  • Vasilika Klimova

    Vasilika Klimova

    3D miracle basics
  • Aymen Loukil

    Aymen Loukil

    Structured data for the current situation
  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    The New GraphCMS
  • Martin Splitt

    Martin Splitt

    Web Auth in 15 minutes
  • David Khourshid

    David Khourshid

    xState - Model-based testing with state machines
  • Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly Friedman

    How to win friends and influence people, on mobile
  • Wolf Bergenheim

    Wolf Bergenheim

    Intro to Google Maps Platform
  • Doug Sillars

    Doug Sillars

    Video Killed My Data Plan: Delivering video that doesn't break the bank
  • Olga Skurativska

    Olga Skurativska

    The challenges of frontend testing. How Cypress can help
  • Tobias Willmann

    Tobias Willmann

    News SEO insights
  • Bartosz Goralewicz

    Bartosz Goralewicz

    Challenging Google & JavaScript indexing
  • Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson

    From Sea Stories to UX
  • Alexander Gerasimov

    Alexander Gerasimov

    An intro to type-level programming
  • Jonny Burger

    Jonny Burger

    How to write ultra-concise Express.js code
  • Janusz Tomasik

    Janusz Tomasik

    Forget agile! Meet Just In Time (JIT) Development (for your side project)
  • Nico Martin

    Nico Martin

    Offline first Webdevelopment
  • Adam Juras

    Adam Juras

    Marie Kondo of shipping: how serverless apps tidy up your life
  • Alvaro Videla

    Alvaro Videla

    From selling food in the streets to working for top firms in tech
  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    If Sketch and React had a Baby
  • Yvan Monneron

    Yvan Monneron

    Privacy is freedom - SnowHaze anonymous VPN
  • Oktawia Kata

    Oktawia Kata

    Why it's time to start caring about web accessibility
  • Rene Pot

    Rene Pot

    Building high performance native mobile apps with Titanium
  • Mirko Eberlein

    Mirko Eberlein

    AWS Lambda Performance Check
  • Michelle Sanver

    Michelle Sanver

    Advanced Serialization in PHP with GoLang
  • Marion Schleifer

    Marion Schleifer

    Lightweight and blazing fast web applications with Vue JS and the Hasura GraphQL engine
  • Alina Cvetkova

    Alina Cvetkova

    10 Heuristics of UX Design
  • William Candillon

    William Candillon

    Can it be done in React Native?
  • Vladimir Novick

    Vladimir Novick

    Architecting scalable serverless architectures with GraphQL api
  • Marcin Zasepa

    Marcin Zasepa

    Strangle your legacy with serverless
  • Martin Splitt

    Martin Splitt

    A short history of 2018
  • Stéphane Bisinger

    Stéphane Bisinger

    Coding Outside-In
  • Olga Skurativska

    Olga Skurativska

    Serverless-side rendering with Vue.js
  • Xia Willuhn

    Xia Willuhn

  • David Dal Busco

    David Dal Busco

    Ionic v4 and web components
  • Paul Hayes

    Paul Hayes

    Getting Honest About Mental Health... for digital creatives
  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    Stitch it to the man - the one API to rule them all revolution
  • Christian Riesen

    Christian Riesen

    Web Images: You are probably doing it wrong
  • Gianluca Guarini

    Gianluca Guarini

    Smell of Functional Programming
  • Markus Klimmasch

    Markus Klimmasch

    Full-Text Indexing with lucene
  • Alexander Gerasimov

    Alexander Gerasimov

    Lodash Quickdraw
  • Nicolas Ruflin

    Nicolas Ruflin

    Application logging with Elastic Stack
  • Raluca Nicola

    Raluca Nicola

    The cartographic side of the web
  • Martin Splitt

    Martin Splitt

    Semantic, Searchable Webapps
  • Evgeniya Tokareva

    Evgeniya Tokareva

    How I hike the Full-stack mountain - Graduation Project from Propulsion Academy
  • Tiago Henriques

    Tiago Henriques

    The State of Security on the Web
  • Alice Ruppert

    Alice Ruppert

    Making Airconsole
  • Gabriela Patil

    Gabriela Patil

    A writer, a designer and an engineer walk into a bar... – A creative take on structuring software information
  • Nick Niles

    Nick Niles

    "Real" Prototypes For The Win!
  • Beni Buess

    Beni Buess

  • Alvaro Videla

    Alvaro Videla

    Metaphors We Compute By
  • William Candillon

    William Candillon

    Building Apps with React Native
  • Propulsion


    Graduation projects from Propulsion students
  • Jordi Boggiano

    Jordi Boggiano

    Fun with timeszones
  • Nicolas Mattia

    Nicolas Mattia

    A fully functional webapp
  • Francisco Silva

    Francisco Silva

    Secure your web app with CSP
  • Lukas Elmer

    Lukas Elmer

    An Introduction to TypeScript
  • Aleksej Dix

    Aleksej Dix

    Solving unsolved Layout Problems with CSS GRID
  • Timo Horstschaefer

    Timo Horstschaefer

    Modern Single-page Apps with Meteor
  • Kristiine Naska

    Kristiine Naska

    Design Hacks
  • Alain M. Lafon

    Alain M. Lafon

    Introduction to ClojureScript and Functional Programming
  • Memi Beltrame

    Memi Beltrame

    Machine Learning for Designers
  • Fabian Gosebrink

    Fabian Gosebrink

    Real Time web applications with Angular and ASP.NET Core SignalR

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Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin

Web Zürich is one of the best organized Meetups I’ve ever been to. They offer a platform to a wide range of topics and technologies and focus on creating an inclusive environment where all ideas can be heard. I’ve never been to one of their events where I didn’t learn something new or immediately applicable to my day-to-day job.
Chris Perez

Chris Perez

The webzüri meetup is awsome! I met some really nice, friendly and helpful people. I like the vibe and the open minded setting. The speeches are always interesting and you learn a lot. It’s very community driven. I’m so happy that they exist in Zürich!
Moreno Feltscher

Moreno Feltscher

I love attending Web Zürich's meetups because of their diverse audience and topics. It's always a pleasure to meet interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds and talk about all the cool stuff that helps further the web. Thanks to all the organizers for creating such a unique space where everyone feels welcome!
Marion Schleifer

Marion Schleifer

Ihr macht super Arbeit und ich fühle mich immer wohl an euren Events
Janusz Tomasik

Janusz Tomasik

Web Zürich is The Meetup - perfectly and regularly organized, always with interesting presentations and people and the biggest one in Switzerland. If you happen to be in Zürich, you have to check it out

Thank you!

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